About Me

Hi, I am an assistant Professor in Human-Computer Interaction at the ExSitu Lab at Inria Paris-Saclay in France. I did my PhD in HCI in the User Interfaces Group of Prof. Antti Oulasvirta at Aalto University in Helsinki.

My research interest lie in collaborative AI for Creativity. In my work I aim to define, study and evaluate human-machine interaction to construct ideas and concepts together with intelligent machines. Taking this human-centered approach, I use knowledge from psychology, design and AI to enable systems to act on a human-equal stand. I believe that computers and humans have distinct skills to add to such a collaboration.


I particularly enjoy to discover new art pieces -especially surrealism- and to produce art when time is available. As I am a quite extroverted person, I am also a huge board game fan, and always enjoy cooking and discussions with friends. My curiosity for traveling and new cultures probably has nurtured my enthusiasm for a research career, and flourished during these last years.


My Journey:

I am originally from Halle/Saale (Germany). My studies in Business Information Systems allowed me to explore different parts of Germany, i.e. Magdeburg, Munich and Darmstadt, and also to leave Germany to discover the world. In particular Vancouver (Canada) and Stockholm (Sweden) allowed me to grow personally and professionally. After working in Finance for 14 months in Sweden , I decided to pursue an academic career in computational design, which brought me over the Baltic Sea to Finland. During this time I also did research internships in Paris (France) and Toronto (Canada), and continued my journey as a Post-Doc in the ExSitu lab at Inria Paris-Saclay in collaboration with the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence. Since October 2021 I am an assistant Professor at Inria Paris-Saclay.

Some Collectables:

During my journey I met a large number of wonderful and interesting people and discovered new cultures. This enabled me to add (professional) English, Swedish and a bit of Finnish to my list of languages. I am currently intending to add French to this list soon :).

During those years I also developed skills beyond research and writing, including technical craftsmanship like programming -- mainly Python, JS -- and machine learning -- mainly reinforcement algorithms. I also had the opportunity to meet and learn from professional creatives and designers which allowed me to enrich my understanding of abstract creative practices like verbal, visual and embodied inspiration.