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Collaborative AI’s offer great potential for explorative and creative methods. While previous work in HCI and ML mainly focuses on exploiting either human or machine capabilities, the concept of collaboration suggests work on equal terms to achieve synergy effects as seen in collaborative creativity. However, the uncertain nature of creative problems raises new questions regarding […]

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Aalto Interface Metrics (AIM) pools several empirically validated models and metrics of user perception and attention into an easy-to-use online service for the evaluation of graphical user interface (GUI) designs. Users input a GUI design via URL, and select from a list of 17 different metrics covering aspects ranging from visual clutter to visual learnability. […]

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11 Jun 2018

Significant advances in artificial intelligence suggest that we will be using intelligent agents on a regular basis in the near future. This chapter discusses group cognition as a principle for designing collaborative AI. Group cognition is the ability to relate to other group members’ decisions, abilities, and beliefs. It thereby allows participants to adapt their […]

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An increasing trend toward the digitalization of design practice and research on tools for augmenting creativity will encourage novel ways of designing in the future. Especially, tools for collecting and interacting with digital inspirational material present great opportunities for current design practice. However, the complex nature of such highly creative practice raises new challenges and […]

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